The acronym ENT stands for Ear, Nose, and Throat, and the specialist who diagnoses and treats the health conditions of these sensory organs is known as an ENT surgeon. In medical terminology, this department carries another name Otolaryngology, and it is one of the oldest health specialities that has been serving mankind for many centuries.

Ailments related to the Ear, Nose, and Throat may not be uncommon, but if not treated on time, they can compromise the quality of life. These sensory organs located in the head and neck form the primary organs made from very complex tissues and are profoundly connected to our overall physical and mental well-being. This primary speciality of the medicine deals with a broad spectrum of health conditions affecting all age groups and genders and deals with various glands and organs, including:

  • Ears
  • Nose and sinuses
  • Throat
  • Mouth, larynx, adenoids, and tonsils
  • Thyroid gland
  • What Are the Conditions That Are Treated By ENT Specialists?

    Ear :

    Otolaryngologists treat a plethora of acute and chronic conditions related to ears, including:

    • Ear infections
    • Hearing disabilities
    • Partial and Complete Hearing Loss
    • Vertigo or balance disorders
    • Congenital defects of the outer and inner ear
    • Tinnitus or ear noise
    • Disorders of the facial and cranial nerves

    Nose :

    • Sinusitis
    • Nasal polyps
    • Deviated septum and complications associated with it
    • Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)
    • Management and treatment of allergies

    Throat :

    • Laryngitis 
    • Benign and malignant vocal cord lesions
    • Inflammatory conditions
    • Allergies affecting airways
    • Autoimmune conditions
    • Defects in vocal cord

    Besides these, the specialist ENT surgeons at Marengo Asia Hospitals treat benign and malignant or cancerous tumours in the head and neck region and facial trauma.

State-of-the-art Technology :

Marengo Asia Hospital is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic imaging techniques, including CT-Scan, MRI and treatment procedures aided by sophisticated, advanced medical equipment. Our expert ENT surgeons use specially designed surgical equipment exclusively for minimally invasive and other procedures. Fully equipped with the latest technology, our operative and post-operative facilities offer seamless comfort that restores quality of life.

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Sleep apnea is a severe disorder where breathing stops and starts repeatedly. Men are more prone to sleep apnea which is common in obese people. Talk to your pulmonologist if you are snoring loudly but feeling very tired even after catching up with a good nap at night.

An Otolaryngologist is an expert surgeon who specializes in diagnosing and treating health conditions related to ears, nose, and Throat and also structures and glands of the head and neck. They are commonly referred to as ENT surgeons.

Children under the age of 5 are prone to various ear infections owing to environmental factors and viral and bacterial infections. These infections can trigger swelling, blockages, and excruciating pain that would need immediate treatment.

Nasal obstruction is often caused by sinusitis. Other conditions that can cause this severe discomfort include a deviated septum, enlargement of nasal turbinates, adenoid gland, or presence of polyps. These are treated with minimally invasive surgeries.

If you are having difficulty understanding what others are saying, hear in crowds, and feel others are just mumbling but not speaking, you may be at risk of hearing loss.

Sinusitis is a very common chronic condition, and it is caused when the sinus lining gets swollen. It is diagnosed often in those suffering from nasal polyps, frequent allergies, and other chronic respiratory conditions like asthma. Sinusitis can affect children too and can cause extreme discomfort, pain, nasal obstruction, and congestion. Surgery is an option for patients if medicines fail to offer relief.

Cochlear implants cannot treat deafness. In regular people, parts of the inner ear convert sound waves into electrical signals and send impulses to the brain for it to recognize the sound. The job of a cochlear implant is to stimulate the same; it helps people remember sounds and speech patterns.

Snoring is annoying, especially for your partner. It is caused due to various reasons, including being overweight, sleeping in a prone position, excessive smoking, and consumption of alcohol.

Nasal polyps are soft, non-cancerous, and painless lumps growing on the nose lining. They are not life-threatening but can block breathing and cause severe discomfort if not treated promptly.

Surgical intervention is always the last line of defence to treat tonsilitis and swollen adenoids. You may be prescribed a course of antibiotics, steroid nasal spray, and conservative ways of treatment. Surgery is recommended only if other treatment options fail to provide solace.