Research and Innovation

We have always believed that close collaboration with the industry will help shape the right set of workflows and innovations, which are the need of today’s patient care delivery.

MarengoVation – aims to promote Research and Innovation across Marengo Asia Hospitals. All required support in terms of the Research and Ethics committee and a dedicated internal team to drive statistics, analysis, and content writing for paper publishing in journals and research funds have been established.

Tie-up with the global repute Institute for Research Analytics and Forums, Annual Conclaves, and International representations to share our work are in progress of being set up and will be an ongoing development over the course of MarengoVation.

We initiated interaction of our clinical teams with Industry leaders in designing Oncology workflows, developing, and validating AIs, Home remote monitoring solutions, and equipment forums for exchanging knowledge so, in the end, we have the right set of workflows and data insights to extend personalized care to our patients and the community benefits at large.

It also gives our consultants the opportunity and motivational platform to share their deep. To fuel research within the platform, we are working with stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to drive research outcomes and meaningful insights for the communities.

  • Pharma and Clinical Research
  • Medical Devices Companies
  • Medical Equipment Leaders
  • Global Repute Institute on Workflows
  • Software and AI

We further wish to build a stronger collaboration platform for bridging the knowledge gap between “what is made” and “what is required” for and by the patients.