It started with a contribution by the founder doctors of CIMS hospital with a mission to save the lives of underprivileged patients and helped more than three thousand patients with diseases pertaining to Cardiac, Pediatric, Cancer, Trauma, Renal, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Neuro. Foundation and SEWA organization (NGO) collectively worked in selected areas to provide healthy life to marginalized communities.

Marengo Asia Healthcare values its legacy and will continue to grow to create a larger impact across the MAHC platform through Marengo Foundation.

Marengo Foundation is committed to extending financial support with end-to-end protocol-based clinical care to low-income families, preventing them from moving below the poverty line and improving the quality of life for the complete family.

Cancer – is the major cause of death globally, with incidence and mortality rates on the rise over the last few decades. The disease is responsible for ~100L deaths globally (WHO Cancer Report 2020), of which ~9L (9%) recorded deaths occurred in India. The incidence is growing at an alarming rate of 9% y-o-y, as per National Cancer Registry Program 2012-16. India is a lower-middle-income country, and findings from the World Cancer Report 2020 suggest that socioeconomic background has an impact on whether an individual/population is at risk of exposure to cancer. In India, the incidence of cervical and oral cancer is higher among those from lower socioeconomic status, while breast and colorectal cancer is more prevalent among those from a higher socioeconomic status. Oral cancer is linked to tobacco use, while breast and colorectal cancers are attributed to a sedentary lifestyle and obesity. In 2016, it was also found that approximately 70% of deaths from cancer occurred in low and middle-income countries, highlighting a visible inequality in cancer awareness, prevention, diagnosis, and care.

We aim to address this segment and ensure we provide affordable, accessible, and accountable healthcare to those in need across 3 areas.

Oncology – Early detection and prevention can bring measurable impact to society

Congenital Heart disease - Affects Children of every stratum of the population.

Transplants – Procedures such as Transplants, which are not easily accessible and affordable at even super specialty hospitals.