The healthcare industry is responsible for protecting and restoring public health. However, by-products from treatments are often hazardous, including used syringes and radioactive isotopes used for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Mismanagement of these by-products can have adverse impacts on the environment and public health. Our hospitals recognize the high-risk irresponsible waste management practices pose on the environment and the community. To prevent this, they comply with national waste management regulations stringently and engage with licensed contractors for the proper disposal of clinical waste.

Marengo Asia Hospitals implements stringent measures to ensure our environmental footprint is minimized through efficient consumption of natural resources and appropriate management of generated waste.

As responsible healthcare providers, we implement and raise awareness among employees on waste reduction practices, including 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) practices. In the long run, we look to further reduce our waste output and minimise MAHC's environmental footprint.

Strategy Led Action Plan

Our teams work through the investment cycle - to assess, create a roadmap and measure the impact which our ESG framework can potentially bring for the better good of the community and resources.

  • Reduce

  • Reuse

  • Recycle
Green Planet Pledge

Marengo Asia Healthcare pledges to plant 50,000 trees as a commitment to the environment and to create an impact on the health and wellness of the community.

Phase 1 started at both hospitals – Marengo CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad & Marengo Asia Hospitals, Faridabad with a pledge to plant 5000 trees as part of the initiative.