Marengo Asia Healthcare has joined hands with like-minded organizations to bring value to its patients, staff, and consultants.

An organization – To achieve operational efficiencies and cost optimization.

The association will help in getting the advantage of consolidation and bulk negotiations with better supply chain management.

A Platform – Assist in fundraising through a crowdfunding platform.

With Patient First as our MAHC approach, the association will enable patients to meet the financial gap for availing treatment at Marengo Asia Hospitals.

Healthcare Organization - Training and Upskilling Partnership Association for Training of 10 Senior Consultants for 1-2 weeks at Premier Institutes over the next 3 years - Royal College of Pathologists, Kings College, Gustave Roussy, and others.

Association for Training of 10 Senior consultants for 1-2 weeks at Premier Institutes over next 3 years - Royal college of Pathologist, Kings College, Gustave Roussy, and others

AI-Artificial Intelligence platform

AI-Artificial Intelligence platform – Lung-health, Chest X-Ray reporting with 30 abnormal findings with TAT < 5 mins, Radiologist can spend time in reporting more complex modalities –CT, MR & Ultrasounds. To be deployed with Radiology workflow

Research Organization

  • Collaboration in defining an oncology workflow to provide seamless RT image flow from simulation to post-treatment follow-up for Radiation Oncologists teams
  • As part of globally selected 5 institutes, Marengo CIMS represents the only Hospital in India to be part of this research.

Global Leader

  • A global leader in Coagulation and Autoimmunity
  • Association to set up Patient Blood management
  • COE for transplant units