Metabolic Surgery

Metabolic surgery is another term for weight loss surgeries recommended for patients suffering from severe obesity and subsequent comorbid conditions.


Various bariatric surgeries, be they open or laparoscopic, come under metabolic surgeries, and the primary aim of these procedures is to trigger drastic weight loss and also reduce the risk of life-threatening conditions like heart attacks and stroke and chronic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

Who Needs Metabolic Surgery?

  • Patients with BMI > 35 are unable to lose weight with the help of lifestyle and dietary modifications.
  • Those diagnosed with high levels of blood sugar, elevated cholesterol, and blood pressure caused by excessive weight
  • Patients with compromised quality of life owing to obesity

How Are Metabolic Surgeries Performed?

There are various types of metabolic surgeries. Also known as bariatric, these surgeries are either done as open or laparoscopic procedures.

The Department of Bariatric Surgery and Metabolic Disorders at Marengo Asia Hospital is helmed by the best gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeons, supported by well-trained, informed nutritionists and paramedical staff. Our state-of-the-art operation theatres and well-equipped post-operative wards ensure faster recovery, quicker weight loss, and great support!


You can go for weight loss surgery if you are aged between 16 to 70.

If you weigh 45 kilograms more than your ideal weight and if your BMI is more than 40, you can go for metabolic surgery.

Bariatric weight loss surgeries are a boon for those unable to lose weight even after trying to make drastic lifestyle and dietary changes. Talk to our expert surgeons for more information.

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