Advanced Eye Care

Ophthalmology is a primary medical specialty that diagnoses and treats conditions related to the eye. The eyes are the most delicate organs of the human body, and our lives would come to a standstill without proper vision. 
There are many types of eye conditions that can irritate and trigger infections in this organ of the visual system, but certain critical conditions and trauma that may lead to loss of vision need the immediate attention of an Ophthalmologist. 
Treatment for critical eye problems demands the deft hands of an expert surgeon to perform complex, complicated surgical, and minimally invasive surgical procedures to gain vision back.

Advanced Eye Care


Any eye condition needs immediate medical attention. If you are suffering from red, bulgy eyes, seeing flashes of lights, redness of the eye, swelling in the eyelids, witnessing strings or black specks while reading or staring at something, see an Ophthalmologist immediately.

Rush to your Ophthalmologist if you are experiencing sudden changes in vision, severe pain in the eye, and an injury.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems like Grave’s disease, and certain autoimmune disorders can lead to chronic eye conditions.

Occasional twitching of the eyelid is common, and in medical terminology, it is called Ocular Myokymia. Though a little irritating, it settles down on its own and is completely harmless. Others won’t be able to witness your eye twitching but if it persists for more than 3 to 4 days, talk to your doctor.

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