Renal Transplant Approval on 15/05/2018

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Renal Transplant (RT) is the best possible option for patient suffering from End-Stage-Renal-Disease. Legally, near relative that include (father-mother, grandfather-grandmother, brother-sister, son-daughter, grandson-granddaughter and husband-wife) can donate kidneys to one another. Such transplant is called “live related renal transplantation”. For patients who don’t have well-matched relative for donation can opt for deceased/ cadaveric renal transplantation. In deceased donor/cadaveric renal transplantation, kidneys are harvested from brain-dead donors and implanted in recipients. The 3rd option for Renal Transplant is swap RT for unrelated patients. Renal Transplant requires extensive work-up for both recipients and donors before transplantation. Patients need to continue necessary medications for rest of his/her life to ensure proper kidney graft function. They require lifetime follow-up with nephrologist. Under a Renal Transplant operation, new kidney allograft is placed in right lower abdomen without removing original kidney.