Marengo Asia Hospitals teams up with Healthcare Sector Skill Council of India ( HSSC ) in elevating healthcare skills and employability across all our network hospitals

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Marengo Asia Hospitals teams up with the Healthcare Sector Skill Council of India (HSSC) in elevating healthcare skills and employability across all our network hospitals

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an incredible partnership between Marengo Asia Hospitals and the Healthcare Sector Skill Council of India (HSSC), organization created by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Confederation of Indian Industry (Cll) and leading healthcare service providers representing both public and private sector in the country.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

By partnering with the HSSC, Government Agency, we will be working on Brief Description of the Partnership Goals and Initiatives. This collaboration will not only bring together our collective knowledge and resources but will also amplify the positive outcomes we can achieve.

Key Benefits of Our Partnership:

1. Innovative Solutions: Our combined efforts will result in the development of cutting-edge solutions that tackle real-world issues in the healthcare skill development space

2. Enhanced Outreach: We will expand our reach and engagement, ensuring that our initiatives create a lasting impact on the citizens of the country.

3. Empowered Community: Through collaborative workshops, seminars, and events, we aim to empower individuals by Skilling, up-skilling & re-skilling of the potential manpower.

4. Knowledge Exchange: This partnership facilitates a robust exchange of knowledge, insights, and best practices, benefiting both our company and the government agency. 

5. Shared Values: We are aligned with the government's vision and values, and together, we strive for excellence, inclusivity, and sustainable progress.