Asia's First Bloodless Heart Transplant At Marengo CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad


Asia's First Bloodless Heart Transplant At Marengo CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad.

Marengo CIMS Hospital, part of the Marengo Asia Hospitals Group, for the first time in Asiahas marked a significant advancement in heart transplants by performing the first bloodless heart transplant. This surgical procedure pioneers a protocol of goal-directed bleeding management leading to transfusion-free heart transplant.

Dr Dhiren Shah, Director, Heart Transplant Program, Dr Dhaval Naik, Cardiac and Heart-Lung Transplant Surgeon, Dr Niren Bhavsar, Cardiothoracic Anesthetist and Dr. Chintan Seth, Marengo CIMS Hospital Ahmedabad led the team to accomplish the outcomes successfully.

The surgery was performed on a 52-year-old patient, Shri Jay Prakash Garg. suffering from Ischemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy and end-stage heart failure. The donor was a 33-year-old who lost his life in a road traffic accident. The Heart Transplant patient was discharged in 9 days who would typically require 21 to 24 days. The team achieved this distinguished feat successfully with zero blood transfusion. This Zero transfusion ensures significant mitigation of short and long-term transfusion-inflicted complications along with reduced length of stay as well as overall improvement in clinical outcomes.

The case was also presented in "Bloodless Cardiac Surgery- an aspiration" at 21st International conference Cardiovascular Sciences organised by Cardiac Society of Nepal in Kathmandu" by Dr. Niren Bhavsar and has been applied for 14th Aegis Graham Bell Awards(AGBA) for Innovation in Healthcare. 

This was possible by exceptional surgical skills and implementing the principles of Goal Directed Bleeding Management (GPBM) Patient Blood Management (PBM) strongly recommended by WHO.

With proven accomplishments in Australia, the US, and Europe, the adoption of Goal Directed Bleeding Management (GPBM) ensures a reduction in blood usage by up to 90%, ICU length of stay by 25%, complications like infections or kidney damage by 70% providing more efficiency to doctors and time for patient management with an overall improvement in patient outcomes.

We sincerely thank our clinical leaders and wish them all the success to lead the future in innovation in Healthcare for the patients and community.